Business Verification

Combining our innovation with the understanding of latest fraud trends, we offer a full range of practical and effective verification services to help clients detect fraudulent and illegitimate businesses.


The rapid growth of the e-commerce market entails an increased incidence of fraudulent activities, ranging from the selling of counterfeit items, faulty products, to illicit goods. This can significantly harm the reputation of platform operators and induce legal risks. Business verification built in as part of the seller onboarding process or regular monitoring of key sellers will help manage these risks. Business verification can be manifold and complicated, we are experienced in arranging visits to the actual place of operation to assess whether the company conducts business with verifiable bank account details and transactions, and if all necessary registrations and qualifications have been obtained. This way the legitimacy of a business, especially those that operate solely online, can be evaluated in a reliable and direct fashion. To ensure a safe online business environment, buyer fraud must not be neglected while knowing customer demographics is just as important for any substantial transaction to safeguard sellers from payment and return frauds.

    • Riding on the continuous growth of business-to-business market and the flourishing of online businesses, the proper onboarding of legitimate business partners becomes more essential than ever before. CBI's Business Verification services support our clients' verification needs by connecting to extensive data sources, and providing our client with quick and transparent verification results.

    • CBI utilizes official registries, public and private databases, discreet and non-discreet site visits, and unique information sources in various jurisdictions to cater our clients' needs in business partner authenticity verification and other related verification. All we do is to minimize risks in onboarding of legitimate business partners. 

    • CBI's Business Verification team have been working on business verification projects for organizations of all sizes, including multi-national corporation, listed companies, government authorities and private companies. Our Business Verification team is led by investigators which have over 15 years of practical experience across different industries to identify red flags.

      Our Business Verification services help our clients of all sizes and industries know with confidence that they are working with the real business partners that are properly registered and ensure the existence of their business.

    • In cope with different business verification needs, CBI offers various business verification services, covering verification on: 

      • Business Verification  - Operation Status, Legal and Compliance Status
      • Certificate Verification  - Certificate Ownership and Validity
      • Qualification Verification  - Qualification Ownership and Validity
      • Bank Account Verification  - Bank Account Validity
      • Business Partner Verification - Business Partner Authenticity

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